Located in the East of Amsterdam near the centre, Flowriders Music Studiois the studio of choice for a lot of respected artists, producers and engineers. We are focusing on analog recording, everything is recorded and mixed from tape.( studer A800 MKIII). At the heart of the Mixing Room is an SSl 4056E/G+ surrounded by a lot of (vintage) outboard gear.. We have  an extensive collection of vintage michrophones and keyboards.. The live room is 65 square meter,  we have an iso booth from 12 square meter and a control room from 25 square meter. We recognize that a good album starts by choosing the right michrophones and pre amps and we try to create the best atmosphere for your recording.
Our engineers are not only recording engineers but have a long history of producing and playing music. If you have any questions, please get in touch, questions are always welcome.

Studio Equipment:


Digital Harddisk Recording System:

Mac G5 2x 2gb

Apogee DAX 2x

Apogee ADX 

Apogee Rosetta 800

Grimm audio CC1

Logic pro 8 

Universal audio plugins + pci card

Analog recording system:

Studer A 800 MK III 2 inch 24 track 2x

Telefunken M15A 1/2 mastering machine


SSl 4056E/G+ brown, black and maselec eq + vca automation

Philips LDC 15 Discrete mixer


Dynaudio BM15A

Yamaha NS 10

Fostex 6308 B

Quad 606 amp dada electronics mods

Furman HDR 6 + 6x hds 6 Headphone distribution

Outboard reverbs/delays

EMT vintage 140 stereo plate reverb

Korg DRV 1000

Lexicon 1300s

Boss RX 100 spring reverb

Sony R7

Yamaha rev-500

Eventide H3000 se

Bel BD-80S stereo delay

Lexicon 1300 S

Dynacord vintage echochord tape delay

Roland  vintage RE-201 space echo

Roland SDE 2000

Roland SRE 555 vintage

Other outboard effects:

Eventide Instant Phaser

Ensonic DP4 multi effect

Synton 203 Phaser

SPL Classic Vitalizer

Outboard equalizers:

Filtek MK3 2x

Manley Massive Passive tube eq

Langevin all discrete pultec EQP-1A

Pultec passive eq Custom made 2x

Polygram EQ 4x

Philips ldc eq/pre amp 16x


Audio Developments 

Altec 438 c

API 2500

Barth Dynaset 

CBS Audimax III

Drwamer 1968 mercenary edition 

Federal AM 864

Inovonics 201 Joe Meek Sc2 version 1.07

Summit TLA 100 

SPL Tube Vitalizer

SPL Transient Designer

Telefunken U273 diode bridge   2x

Tubetech SMC-2B stereo

Tubetech CL1B

Universal audio 2-1176

WSW compressor


SSl 4000e pre amp 56 x

Sony S3a 2 channel

API 512c 2x

Telefunken Discrete vintage  6x

Tubetech MP1a 2 channel

Philips  vintage LDC pre amp/eq 16x

Altec 1591 a


AKG C12a vintage 2x

AKG D-12 vintage

AKG D202 vintage 2x

AEA R92 ribbon mic

Beyer M201

Beyer M380

Coles 4038 matched pair

Electrovoice RE-20

Fostex M22RP

Neumann U47 vintage

Neuman gefell CMV 563 ( mod)

Neuman 582 2x ( mod)

Microtech gefell mv 692 cardiod

Soundelux Elux 251

Soundelux U195

Sennheiser md 409u vintage 2x

Sennheiser MD421 vintage 2x

Sennheiser MD441 vintage 3x

Sennheiser MKH 405 2x

Philips small membran 2x

Peluso P28 2x

Peluso 2247 LE

Shure SM 58

Shure SM57


Akai Head Rush delay-loopsampler

Boss CE-1 chorus

Electro Harmonix tube-zipper

Fulltone Choral flange

Korg Kaos Pad

Line 6 vintage modeller

Lovetone meatball

Moog low pass fliter

Moog murf filter

Mutron Bi phase

Morley Wah Wah

Emma discum bobulator

Small Stone phaser


Rhodes Mark I 88 keys

Rhodes Mark II 73 keys

Minimoog model-D


Solina String ensemble

Honher Clavinet/Pianet

Roland Juno 6

Korg MS 2000

Roland RS 09 string ensemble

Kurzweil K2000

Kawai Accoustic Piano

MPC 2500

Oberheim Matrix 6 R

Roland MKS 80 + programmer ( jupiter 8 rack version)

Studio Electronics Midi moog

Yamaha S6 Grand Piano


Fender twin reverb orig jbl speakers vintage

Ampeg B15





Call or email for price.








Marc de Clive lowe

Vanessa Freeman

Xanton Blacq

Stefan Lievestro

Mona Lisa overdrive

Neco Novellas

Ben van de dungen

Pam Feather

Legends of the underground


Richard Spaven

Lady Alma

Colonel Red



Moon Baker

Leslie Nielsen

Florian Friedrich

Bas van der Wal

Sebastiaan Kaptein

Richard Spaven

Akwasi Mensah

Hartog Eysman

Joachim Staudt

Jan Wouter Oostenrijk

Phil Horneman/Wicked jazz sounds

Jan Willem Verbeek

Monsieur Dubois

Maria de Fatima

State of monc


Amanda Tiffin

Russell Elevado

Rob Mullarkey/Brotherly